Why Nordic Bridal Show?

Nordic Bridal Show is the perfect timing for Scandinavian stores – at this point the retailers know what they need to purchase in order to maximize their sales.


  • They don’t have to leave the store in January-April for a tradeshow (during this time they are needed in the store).
  • They have good knowledge of their stock and know what they need to purchase for next season.
  • They know what the brides demand and are able to buy dresses that meet these demands.
  • They will have the opportunity to actually see and review each dress before placing an order.
  • They get their deliveries during autumn/winter at a time that suits them.

How to attract new costumers and guarantee sales at Nordic Bridal Show

More and more retailers are hosting events in their stores for the brides to be, an event that even though it is successful for the retailers could be expensive. We now give both the retailers and visitors an amazing deal that also equals a guaranteed sale: By placing an order during Nordic Bridal Show the retailers get to borrow a collection from a brand for free, to use in their own store event.


In other words: by placing an order during Nordic Bridal Show everybody wins. Exhibitors will guarantee sales and the retailer gets a store event for free.


This is how it works

  • The retailers place the order* with the supplier during Nordic Bridal Show in Malmö (9-10 June 2019).
  • The retailer contacts the supplier for a possible date to host a store event.
  • When the date is decided, Bridal Magazine Group will help market this event through our social channels and newsletters to our large costumer base of thousands of bridal couples.
  • The dresses are sent to the retailer from the supplier without cost and the retailer get to host an amazing store event.
  • During the event the retailer will meet lots of new brides and can maximize their sales.
  • The dresses are then sent back to the supplier.
  • After the event the retailer gets the opportunity to process all the new costumers they have met during the store event and sell more dresses.


* The order must contain a specific number of dresses, chosen by the supplier.

Scandinavian brides are now buying their wedding dress closer to their wedding day. In order to meet the demands of the brides the retailers must place their orders later in the season and Nordic Bridal Show is the perfect time for this!

Because of the new demands, the busiest days for a Scandinavian retailer are therefore in January-April where the bride, bridesmaids and groom buy their wedding outfits.


In order to keep the cash position throughout the year the retailer need to limit the gap between purchase and sale to be able to run their business. Most of the trade shows has been held early in the year, which has forced the retailers to place their orders early and the cash position has therefore been poor (see illustration).

In order to limit this red gap the retailers need to place their order later during the season and Nordic Bridal Show is the perfect timing for this.


At this point the retailer know what the brides demand and have also sold off most of their stock and are able to restock with new dresses. Not many Scandinavian retailers have placed their orders in the early trade shows this year and are making plans to place their order at Nordic Bridal Show (9-10th of June 2019).